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People translate sensory impressions into a coherent and unified view of the world around them. This is perception. They then act on this perception or we can say that people behave according to their perceptions. Managing behaviour implies sending messages that will hold or change perceptions and then behaviour. But whose perceptions and what messages? These are questions we can answer for you.

Whose perceptions do you want to manage?

Your Key Communication Groups (KCGs), for example:

  • your own employees
  • agents, distributors, dealers
  • wholesalers, retail stores, buyers
  • direct supply customers
  • shoppers
  • consumers, end-users
  • influencers, prescribers, media
  • authorities

You can measure internal perceptions i.e. what your staff think or external perceptions - what your customers think. Management function, in every company department (marketing, advertising, sales, HR, PR, production and admin), is to manage the perceptions of the people.


You cannot manage anything unless you can measure it. We are able to change the feeling or perception into five measurable factors.
  1. Needs/wants and/or decision criteria of the "customer" (KCG) (internal or external).
  2. Desired standards of performance, or points of satisfaction of the "customer".
  3. Their levels of awareness of brands, people, products, policies, etc.
  4. Their perceptions of your performance in comparison with their:
    • points of satisfaction
    • competitors
    • Industry Norms
  5. Their perception deficiencies.


You then need to devise a strategy that will rectify the perception deficiencies. We are able to take the guess work out of devising that strategy.

Marketing is about managing perceptions

  1. Product - it is the perceptions around the product that count - you build the brand or destroy it through communication.
  2. Price - it is the perceptions of value that matter - price can build or destroy perceived values.
  3. Place - this really means perceptions of availability.
  4. Promotion - a form of communication that builds, or denigrates, perceptions of brands.

By the same token, Perception is the only thing that counts in Sales, PR, HR and General Management.

"You're managing perceptions only when you are measuring perceptions"

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